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26th October 2018

Rosebank Mall Bridal Fair

Newly engaged, and planning a wedding? You could win your dream wedding worth R100 000.   
Spend R300 or more at Rosebank Mall between 1 – 27 October 2018
Take a clear picture of your till slip
Enter your details, and upload your till slip

In order to stand in line to win, you need to be at the draw on Sunday, 28 October at 14h00 in the Fabiani Court at Rosebank Mall.
Be sure to also visit Rosebank Mall Bridal Fair 26 – 28 October 2018 | 09h00 – 17h00




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Fashion Week SA for Beginners

Fashion Week SA for Beginners. Some people were born with the natural ability to decipher the mysterious art of fashion. Not all of us though. We rely on these shamans of undergarments to guide us in the correct direction. Who knows what we’d get caught out in this season? There was a time when granny[...]

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Your family vacation for December

It’s time to start planning your family vacation. We’re now in October, and time has been flying faster than an F1 driver on nitro boost. Soon, it’ll be mid-December, the Friday of the months of the year. Most people already have their trips planned out, but if you’ve been holding out due to the current[...]

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Health Tips for Summer

It’s getting hot out there. Way hot. Which is why we’ve all got to be careful. Have you ever seen what happens when someone spends their whole life suntanning? Here’s a clue: You make an excellent handbag. Suntanning isn’t that different from tanning animal skin into leather. And leather isn’t necessary a good look on[...]

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Spring clean your life

Spring is finally here! Sure, August was mostly warm, but it’s official – and better yet, the days are getting longer! Which technically means there’s more time to get stuff done. The change in season also makes good cause to start new things. We’re warming up to a couple of ideas, actually, and think you’ll[...]

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