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Get ahead of the trends at Rosebank Mall

MUST HAVES  |  OCT 19, 2022


If you are interested in the latest entertainment trends that keep the crowds, head to Rosebank Mall to be ahead of the pack. From fan-fav flicks to podcasts with a kick, they’ve got your entertainment sorted, all in one place. There is a calculated shift towards multipurpose entertainment, and to find your fill with a taste of fame, visit Rosebank Mall for everything from movie stars to influencers. 

Entertain your fame 

Ster Kinekor’s Cinema Nouveau is the place to take your edgy new beau. The perfect place for a first date or a girl’s night out. They ​​specialise in art house, documentary and foreign language films but show the latest and greatest films to melt any movie critic’s heart – from ‘80s cult classics and ‘90s rom-coms to the newest blockbuster bangers to get your film fix. Enjoying films on the big screen has been upgraded with Cinema Nouveau’s widespread offering of the best of Hollywood, and the world. 

This isn’t your average movie theatre; with the spice of everything nice and then some, you can experience the elite screening experience you’ve been waiting for. There is nothing stopping you from exceptional viewing, as Ster Kinekor’s cinemas are prepared for load-shedding and equipped with generators because the show must go on. With competitive rates for a luxury experience, Cinema Nouveau is elite viewing at prices for everyone. Furthermore, if you own an SK Club, Discovery Vitality or Edgars Club Movie Card, you are offered specialised discounts to ease the financial burden of viewing brilliance. 

Don’t settle for streaming; watch the best because it truly is better on the big screen. So if you are truly trying to get the Prime experience, where you could chill without Netflix and step into the Plus side of Disney, show up to the max and experience the Nouveau viewing adventure. Going to the movies is the age-old outing that still brings in crowds. Be the first to savour the silver screen sensation at Ster Kinekor Cinema Nouveau and experience the greatest movies showing at Rosebank Mall. 

Step up to the mic 

Discover your voice at Johannesburg’s premier podcast-sharing studio platform. Vodcast TV is a creative space cultivated by experts in their respective fields to harness the next big break or give people a chance to let their vents go viral. It is a communicative, collaborative and creative experience for everyone. Their studios are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to take your content to the next level and give you your big break. 

​​With better than the rest product offerings, Vodcast TV is giving their customers the opportunity to rent their USB microphones. These plug and play mics work on any and every laptop and are adaptable for iPhone and iPad connectivity. This feature is perfect for podcast guests that aren’t able to join you in the studio but are too good to miss out on the fun, much like our services. The Vodcast TV crew will arrange and set up the connectivity for you to relax, rewind and record without any hassles. 

Along with InstaNation, Vodcast TV is stepping into the future of customer-centric creative spaces. Rosebank Mall is ahead of the curve and giving customers what they want by keeping content as king. With technology, they’re making the most of video and audio advancements. If it’s corporate content you’re looking at making, or if you and your buds are making your vital kitchen chats go viral, then this is the service for your content satisfaction. The opportunity to make your mark on the virtual world is easier and more affordable than ever.

Final words 

Whether it’s viewing brilliant films or vibing to podcasts that get you going, Rosebank Mall has its pulse on passion. Get your fill of content today; from viewing greatness to producing perfect podcasts, your creativity will be channelled. 

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