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Give Your Space A Taste Of Home With These Decor Essentials

TIPS AND TRICKS  |  JAN 31, 2023


Whether you are renting an apartment or sharing a space with family, you can make your space feel like home when you partner with Rosebank Mall’s decor and furniture stores. Let’s take a look at how you can give your home a personal touch, a new look and feel, and a taste of home without breaking your budget. 

First Up, Storage 

Are you one of those people who finds themselves watching packaging and organising videos nonstop? Maybe you feel inspired to start creating an organised wardrobe, cupboard or pantry and are feeling slightly overwhelmed by all the different size containers you will need for different things. When stacking up and organising your pantry, here are some of the things to look for in pantry organising products: 

  • Transparency: Although matte black or glossy ivory canisters are obviously alluring, we advise staying as much as possible with transparent bins. You can see your supplies and keep track of what is still in stock thanks to the sides' transparency. Additionally, clear containers are simpler to mix and match, making your area appear more homogeneous. 
  • Stackability: In a pantry, every square inch matters. Therefore, take this into account while choosing food storage containers. You may fit more items on the same shelf by using square or rectangular containers with flat lids.
  • Functionality: The entire family should be able to understand your organisers. (Note: Your partner or kids are more likely to keep the pantry or cupboard tidy if they are simple to use.) Look for big open bins or containers with simple pop-up or flip-up tops if you have little children. Choose containers with locking or screw-top lids for an airtight seal if you have tweens or adolescents.

If you are on the hunt for the kind of containers that will give you the above, consider visiting Rosebank Mall’s Crazy Plastics and Mr Price Home. There is a range of plastic, glass, bamboo, and more containers for you to choose from. 

Pots, Pans, and Casseroles

The meals you’ll be making will look good when plated, but why not get them started by cooking them in some stylish pots and pans instead? Visit Rosebank Mall’s Le Creuset. In 1925, two Belgian industrialists met at the Brussels Fair — one, a specialist in enamelling; the other, an expert in casting. Jointly they 'cracked the code' to enamelling cast iron and brought colour to the kitchen, and that’s how Le Creuset was born. Offering a range of cast iron casseroles that can take any kitchen from mundane to magical with ease. Le Creuset also sets itself above the rest by going the extra mile for their consumers. They have in-store services such as expert product insight (where a friendly staff member will give you proper insight on products before you make a buy), gift wrapping (for when you are buying that special someone a gift), as well as care and use advice so you know how to take care of your Le Creuset. 

More Kitchen Accessories 

If you are looking for a whole other range of kitchen utensils, pop by Rosebank Mall’s Verimark. As a telemarketer, Verimark has been famous for giving consumers convenience through innovative products and stellar service. Buy peelers, knife sets, pots, pans, and even cleaning essentials from Verimark, and complete your home decor with a visit to Loads Of Living, where you will be spoilt for choice with crockery that’s just simply breathtaking. 

Line Up That Linen

You didn’t think we’d leave out some linen tips, now, did you? We know every now and then, you need to change up your linen and sheets, and honestly, with so much range out there, do you even know where to begin? Well, we’ve got you. Start at Volpes, and work your way to Poetry, @home and even Mr Price Home too. Between these three stores at Rosebank Mall, you will find something for you and your family or roommates, so don’t be afraid to weigh your options. 

How To Start Sprucing Your Home 

As we mentioned earlier, the thought of redecorating can be daunting, but there are ways to make it bearable. Consider doing the following when prepping or starting your reorganising and redecorating your home: 

  • Start on a clean slate: Empty your entire pantry or wardrobe, or whatever space you are reorganising, and thoroughly clean it before you begin the organisation process. Check expiration dates on all products that have, and toss anything that's past its prime or no longer in use. This will free up space and help things stay organised longer. 
  • Do some inventory taking: After the above step, you’ll be able to see what you have left. Note everything down so you know what you will need to replace and what you won’t need to buy on your next store run. 
  • “The category is…”: Organising works best when categorised. You know yourself better than anyone, so decide on an organising style that suits you. Maybe you prefer certain colours together or you group your things according to their flavours…it’s up to you. 

Final Words 

Visit decor shops in Rosebank Mall soon and give your home the love, upgrade, and newness it deserves. We have the right stores for you.

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