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TIPS AND TRICKS  |  NOV 30, 2022


When we were younger, the career options were, shall we say, limited at best. If you wanted to please your family and live up to their expectations, the only viably realistic career options were to be a lawyer, doctor (and variations of one), actuarial scientist and the list could go on for centuries, and believe me, it still does. It is very exciting and inspiring to see that this generation is taking their future into their own hands. Options like becoming a successful social media influencer, blogger, or vlogger and having an online presence can be directly related to this generation’s options for a successful career. We have seen eager parents record, post and repeat their charismatic 4-year-old and reap the views and, from our vantage point, possible riches. The world can be a scary place sometimes, and the internet can be even scarier; however, influencers that are, well, influencing people for the better are priceless. Follow us as we take you through Rosebank Mall entertainment as they’re inspiring the inner influencer in all of us through these incredible content creation and pop-up stores in Rosebank.

Social media superstar 

InstaNation is a multipurpose social media exhibition that encourages all to capture their creativity. This hub of happening social media content is a total snap-worthy affair! With 33-plus state-of-the-art artistic installations, this is the place to take your future Instagram guru, TikTok trendsetter and Bereal breakthrough star. Host your next event, birthday party and or squad session and create content that will bring in followers. Revel in the perfect lighting, the statement pieces for perfect pictures and the looks to leverage your social media lift-off all in one place. Head to Rosebank Mall to experience the new-age social playground. Step up and showcase your snap-petite for social media. 

Do you have a knack for knocking conversations out of the park? Have you ever thought about starting a podcast? Everyone always tells you that you have the gift of the gab? Well, hold onto your microphone, dear reader, because boy, do we have a treat for you! Vodcast TV is a shared podcast platform based in Johannesburg. Tell your story, magnify your voice and engage with thousands of listeners, one syllable at a time. If you are a single storyteller, or if your business is interested in a space to create and converse effectively, then this is the place for you. Vodcast TV was created by industry experts with a passion for conversation, sound production, content and communication. They have cultivated a corner of creativity and a hub of customer-centric content. With Vodcast TV, you are able to develop video and audio content with a professional production team in the studio. You will have the chance to make use of high-tech, cutting-edge equipment that will turn your content into a viral sensation. Vodcast TV is quick, efficient, professional and affordable. Vodcast TV is moving with the times and putting the mic in the hands of whoever wants it. Do you have what it takes to be the next voice that goes viral? 

Get your content into gear

Those behind the scenes are just as influential as the main attractions. Without the right gear, you could make the mishap of creating low-quality content with HD aspirations. Find your voice at the best place to turn up the volume of your views. Shop the best in studio equipment, speakers, noise-cancelling headphones and impeccable sound elevation accessories at Bose Sound Systems. Are you a singer, musician or novice instrumentalist? Then head to the best place to get plugged in on the studio, stereo and surround sound quality. 

Have your fill of shooting your feature film or snapping the right angle when you shop at Kameraz. They stock the best high-tech cameras, lenses, tripods, lighting and studio equipment to make your movie and upgrade your photography portfolio by embracing your passion or new hobby with the best in photography and content gear. If shopping for tech and photography gear on a budget is what you’re after, then browse their used gear. 

Shop best-priced selfie sticks and ring lights to get your content looking top tier. V Gadgets is the best bet for all of your audio and electronic, PC, cellphone and photo needs. Shop their incredible electronic stock, from cables for any and every device to phone covers, speakers, keyboards, and gaming essentials. 

Looking for the best props to keep your viewers following your every move, and mood? Typo has the coolest tech gear, must-have inventions and gifts that will make you question, “how have I lived so long without this?” As a stationery, gift store and art shop in Rosebank, Johannesburg, they give you so much more with their fun-filled aisles and shelves filled with technicolour wonder. Shop the best in party accessories, homeware, travel and tech, as well as their incredible collection of assorted wireless keyboards, phone stands, speakers, and headphones. And, of course, an essential for any artist, a totally cool tote bag to carry all of your artsy essentials.

Final views 

You can easily create audio and visual content with Rosebank Mall by your side.

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