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As much as we love going to restaurants and having our food cooked and served to us, it’s not always affordable and healthy. Plus, the more specific your dietary preferences, the pricier it may get. Never fear, though because at Rosebank Mall, we’re going from recipes to house labels. These health food stores at Rosebank Mall have cooked up amazing meals you and your loved ones can try at home.

Get Your Chef Game On 

It’s time to put your chef hat on and get your apron ready because Rosebank Mall is here to ensure that you are eating only the best meals made from the freshest ingredients. Most recipes are best cooked with fresh ingredients that are straight off the grocery store shelves. If you’re looking for both quality and affordability, Pick n Pay is the place you are looking for. Pick n Pay is known for its fresh fruits and vegetables, packed with flavour. So, if you see a tasty stir fry or a classic veggie stew in the near future, stop by Pick n Pay and pick up some sweet red and yellow peppers or a crispy head of cabbage.  And don’t forget the onions; they are always the most essential component to starting any of your favourite restaurant dishes. 

If you’re not a veggie person, check out their deli, where they offer a selection of meats to help you build a charcuterie board that will be Instagram-ready in no time. They even have a wide selection of cheeses for you and yours to indulge in. 

Let's Get Bready For Some Good Food 

The bakery is an essential part of every grocery store and is always packed with ideas for meals you can make at home. Perhaps a gourmet burger with some creamy mushroom sauce topped with a brioche bun or a spicy recco pasta with a side of mouth-watering garlic bread? Is your stomach growling too? Visit Checkers and pick from their wide selection of different rolls and breads, from beautiful sourdough loaves to extra-long French baguettes that are both soft and crispy at the same time. They even have a selection of bagels and gluten-free goods for those who are gluten intolerant. 

Restaurants might have some good food, but home-cooked meals just hit different. The fresh ingredients, the spices and the blood, sweat and tears (not literally, please) that you put in take the dish to a new level. Be sure to also grab some fresh rosemary and thyme from Checkers to top off your restaurant-style meal. 

Quality Over Quantity, Except When It’s Dessert 

Let’s be real, the best part of every meal is the dessert, and homemade desserts are the best kind of dessert. If you’re looking for nothing but the best quality, then look no further than Woolworths Food. Woolworths Food is filled to the brim with the best quality ingredients to make the perfect chiffon cake or a rich chocolate mousse. Dessert is not always as easy to make as a hearty pot of food, so if you feel like cheating just a little bit, try one of Woolworths Foods’ delectable desserts. They have all the favourites; peppermint tart, milk tart, and the softest chocolatiest brownies ever! But this is the only time you’re allowed to have a little cheat moment. 

Woolworths is also well known for supplying groceries of the highest quality, with all their fruits and vegetables being 100% organic and all their meats being A-grade. They sell a selection of house-brand soups and pasta sauces, such as butternut soup and marinara sauce. These are great additions for any cook who doesn’t feel like spending too much time in the kitchen but still loves a good home-cooked meal. Due to their outstanding quality and flavour, Woolworths is the perfect place to start your restaurant-style cooking journey. Explore their range of spices and start your spice collection; we all know that is the most important part of cooking. Don’t be afraid to let loose with spices; it's all about flavour.

Final Words 

Start getting your chef on by grabbing all your essentials at Rosebank Mall, the mall that has everything you need to secure your trip to flavour town. And don’t forget the most important cooking rule of them all: stir with love. 

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