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Seal Deals And Satisfy Your Taste Buds At These Coffee Shops



Whether it’s clients or colleagues, you have a better shot at impressing them with your pitch if you take them out of the office space and pressures of boardrooms and into the real world for an experience. With Rosebank Mall’s restaurants, you’ll be able to impress with great food, and possibly your great ideas. Let’s take a look at a few coffee shops in Rosebank to help get the job done. 


If you have an unrivalled love for coffee and enjoy themed creations, pairings, and a little personal touch, then Starbucks is the place to be. The Rosebank Mall branch is no different, as it provides the same quality that places good coffee and customers at their core. Come solo or maybe host a few business clients, partners, vendors or staff over a lovely range of coffees as well as frozen drinks paired with baked goods such as croissants, muffins, and even wraps and sandwiches. 

Vida E Caffe 

The home of Passionistas (passionate baristas) has been in the hearts of South Africans since 2001. With headquarters located in Johannesburg and Cape Town, Vida E Caffe clearly made themselves a visible force in the coffee shop and cafe industry, and the Rosebank Mall franchise is no different, hosting some of the most flavourful coffees and frozen drinks, to wholesome and hearty sandwiches, wraps, bowls, and even salads. If you are looking for meals to feed different types of people with different dietary preferences, then visit Rosebank Mall’s Vida E Caffe. 

Woolworths Cafe 

We promise we won’t judge you for squeezing in a shopping spree, a meeting and a meal in one because when you have the Woolworths brand by your side, the world is limitless. Enjoy great coffee, great food, and stimulating conversations with your family, friends, business partners, etc., at Rosebank Mall’s Woolworths Cafe. Plus, with the Woolworths rewards system, you have a chance of scoring some points. 

Mugg & Bean 

Bottomless coffee, anyone? Mugg & Bean says ‘Hello’. The Rosebank Mall franchise is no different, offering locally roasted coffee and a range of breakfast, brunch, and lunch meals. Mugg & Bean is the type of place you should take your team to for a lunch to boost morale, or maybe a working session, or even a meeting with some of your esteemed clients. We have a feeling they will have a wholesome experience. 

Spicy Den

Take the flavour to the office with Rosebank Mall’s Spicy Den. If you are looking to bring an Indian dining experience to your office space rather than heading out, consider takeaways from Spicy Den. Take a walk on the spicy side with an Indian cuisine experience like no other with Spicy Den by your side. 

Make Team Building Fun 

If you are looking to take your staff or clients out for a meal and fresh scenery, consider making a booking at one of the abovementioned cafes. It is essential to book and specify any dietary preferences so that you are not bamboozled on the day. Give yourself and your staff and clients the opportunity to bond over a cuppa or two with Rosebank Mall and these fine cafes.

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