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Your guide to buying jewellery for every occasion

TIPS AND TRICKS  |  NOV 30, 2022


Shine in every season by showing off your perfect new accessories from Rosebank Mall’s finest jewellers. They will have you feeling like royalty, bejewelled beautifully with engagement and wedding rings, diamond, silver and gold necklaces, friendship and any occasion bracelets. Get your shine on at the best jewellery stores in South Africa

Diamond daydreaming 

The rebirth of the jewellery, diamond-encrusted and frosted beauty came alive in 1895 with the genesis of Swarovski. From the heart of innovation, this passion for high-end jewels and gems was brought to light through a family business turned worldwide phenomenon. Swarovski is not just a brand; it is a lifestyle, the epitome of luxury, opulence and flashy freedom. Sparkle in style with Swarovski’s collections of necklaces, rings and earrings, bracelets and brooches. Indulge in the lavish luxury of the leading brand for jewellery and accessories. 

Browns, where excellence, beauty and an eye for precision and precious creations, jewellery, and accessories meet. Step into the home of South Africa’s leading designer and most awarded jeweller brand. Here is some Browns jewellery common knowledge for you. Their criteria for every diamond’s unique characteristics are categorised in the 8C’s, the gold standard for jewellery. Carat, cut, clarity, colour, certification, contour, character and finally, created by nature. Every step of this quality control assessment is crucial and adds to the impeccable Browns standard by striving for perfection in every diamond’s unique characteristics. In this way, the 8C’s come together in perfect harmony to deliver pristine jewels and gems. Since 1934, this family of purveyors of perfection in the form of diamonds has succeeded in crafting the finest collection of products crafted from signature designs. Their finest, timeless and sophisticated jewellery is South Africa’s choice of home-grown greatness. 

To quote the international superstar and icon Rihanna: “Shine bright like an American Swiss Diamond”. Okay fine, maybe she didn’t say that, but she would have if she had seen their incredible collection of breathtaking diamonds, internationally branded watches, glamorous gold and fashionable sterling silver. They even have an option for you fussy buyers to create and design your ring to wear something you can swear by! This brand has been around since 1896, and with over 240 stores across Southern Africa, American Swiss is a masterclass in phenomenal jewellery. 

Finally, a fiance! 

Picture this; you have been dating your partner for years. You both met and grew into an inseparable power duo. They are your best friend, partner and lifelong crush. You graduated from being the new couple years ago. You are the “parent couple” that others come to for relationship advice. Your families are intertwined, and the drama has wined down. You are certain that this is your person. And it doesn’t feel right to just be dating at this point anymore. You deserve the thrill of being affianced. Though the only problem is what ring you will commit to because, let’s face it, you will be proposed to you any day now. So why not window shop for the ring above all others?

Chain-ging the game 

Jewels and Jems were established in 1995. While their commitment to excellent service and customer satisfaction coupled with a strong eye for detail and classic yet edgy designs have sparked through the last 20-plus years, their brand has remained committed to excellence in service, and customer satisfaction has remained paramount to them. From rings to chains, pendants to bracelets, designer watches and wearable, timeless gems, their product offering is unbeatable, and their chic designs are high-end yet incredibly affordable. Shop non-stop at the people’s hub for jewellery.

David Spilkin Jewellers was founded in 1979 by its namesake David Spilkin. As a renowned and passionate jeweller with years in the gem game, he decided to put his passion into productivity and produce beautiful pieces of fine jewellery. After all these years of growth, changes in trends, and a dip in the sales of jewels, David Spilkin Jewellers have remained consistent as a big hitter in the crystal cutting and fine jewels scene. Their service offering has been carefully curated and created with their customers in mind. Get professional services and advice on your next jewellery purchase from their incredible in-house professionals and sales team, ever ready and eager to guide you through the carat crusade. They understand that a jewel is an investment and both a showstopper and a showpiece. They strive to give you the most value for your purchase. Don’t get hoodwinked; rather choose from their handpicked collection and 39 years of sales expertise. In addition, they offer a repair service warranty to give you added peace of mind as you rock your piece of jewellery. 

Final touches 

Add that personal touch to your outfit with these accessories and jewellery tips. 

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